TOMCAR® vehicles are unique, fast and tough. From their origin as an agile and durable off-road military vehicle, they have evolved into ultrafunctional, highly capable and safe machines fit for commercial, agricultural, governmental and private use in the most demanding conditions.

The TM2 may seem like your typical off-reader, but this vehicle truly packs a punch. With its fully welded frame and armor reinforced components the TM2 can withstand the harshest driving conditions.

It's ease of maintenance and fully renewable, low cost components, makes the TOMCAR® a truly a durable vehicle. Whether moving you around a construction site, diving into mines or climbing mountains, the TM2 doesn't back down!
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Uncompromising construction with room for four "real" adults, the TOMCAR® TM4 is built to get you and your companions ANYWHERE AND BACK.

Whether you are scouting forests, patrolling borders, or surveying development sites, you'll have the confidence to go wherever your work (or play) takes you. Don't be stopped just because the road ends.
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With its 1,200 lbs payload & over 1,800 lbs towing capacity, the TM5 is a workhorse in the truest sense of the word. It’s pneumatic load compensators maintain vehicle balance while the adjustable dual-coil hydraulic shocks provide a smooth ride.

Whatever you need to haul, wherever you need to haul it, the TMS is your best choice toget the job done.
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